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The Open Bite

Thumb, paci or finger habit? Go from Open bite (front teeth do not touch) and narrow palate to wide happy smile! 



Why is my child's chin shifted to the left?! Oh... no worries... Her teeth shift that way because her upper teeth dont cover her lower teeth all the way and shift that way (the wrong way) to fit. Solution - the Exapnder! Now all upper teeth, properly fit over the lower teeth and now sweet friend.... go grow some teeth!


Anterior Crossbite

Holy smokes, my kid looks like a bull dog!! Help!! You got it. Minimal upper braces for 6-9 months and BAM! Fire smile, more confidence, less likely to chip teeth and more likely to grow favorably. Woo Hoo!



Where are my kid's teeth? They are in there, but they need some major help. Everything is crowded and little Johnny's teeth may get stuck or come in like a hot mess.... let's try to avoid that with an expander and braces. TADA! Oldham magic. 

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