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Board Certified Orthodontist 🎉🦷🤓

Not only is Dr. Cody Oldham really good at what he does... he’s got the certification to prove it! #overachiever #boardcertified #smartypants

Oldham Orthodontics in Midland, Texas is extremely proud to have such an amazing Orthodontist who cares about his patients so much that he would go through even more testing POST graduation! Not sure what it means to have a "Board Certified Orthodontist" working on your smile? Well, check out the following information.

An orthodontist is a dentist who has not only completed a graduate program in dentistry to receive their DDS (Doctor of Dental Surgery), but has also gone through a competitive residency at a an accredited orthodontic program for an additional 2-3 years to be trained specifically in orthodontics and dentofacial orthopedics.

ABO Board Certification is a voluntary credential that represents an orthodontist’s personal and public commitment to the standards of specialty practice and lifelong learning. A Board Certified Orthodontist has reached this level of achievement by pursuing additional voluntary education and ongoing self- assessment.

Board Certification is confirmation of an orthodontist’s personal commitment to providing lifelong quality patient care.

Is your orthodontist board certified?


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