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Meet Dr. Oldham, the coolest orthodontist in town!

Y'all get excited! Midland's newest (and coolest) orthodontist is back in town! Dr. Cody Oldham is excited to be back in his hometown to serve up some amazing smiles. Dr. Oldham graduated from high school as Valedictorian, double majored at TCU, flew through dental school at the University of Texas in San Antonio and then practiced as a general dentist in Fort Worth. During this time he married Superwoman (his equally cool wife, Cynthia), had a baby boy and after 6 years of dentistry, Dr. Oldham packed up his cute little family and moved to Florida.


In one year, Dr. Oldham completed his orthodontic internship at the University of Florida and soon learned that out of hundreds of applicants, the orthodontic residency program at LSU wanted him, and 3 others, to join their family. Louisiana welcomed the Oldhams with right cheek kisses, Mardi Gras, and King Cake... lots of King Cake. Dr. Oldham gained an outstanding education and life long friends during his residency. They must've thought Dr. Oldham was pretty special because the faculty honored him with the top resident award both years during residency!  As if he weren't busy enough gaining all of his orthodontic smarts and fancy awards, he and his wife had 2 more boys in New Orleans!


That brings us full circle. Here he is back in Midland, raising his crew of Oldhams and wanting to serve his hometown community to the best of his ability. When Dr. Oldham is not in the office, he is fighting the bad guys with his boys, frantically running up and down the sidelines while coaching a 5 year old soccer team, snuggling his wife during movie night, or changing lots of diapers. He loves sports and sometimes thinks he missed his calling as an ESPN sportscaster. Bottom line, Dr. O is an exceptionally well-trained orthodontist who is compassionate and honest. You can trust that he will always treat you with the same respect and kindness that he gives to his own family. Click here to schedule your appointment today!

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